Framing for Activists

From George Lakoff and Gil Durán

Our Citizens’ Communication Network is in the start-up phase and is already huge. Until it is officially functioning, you can unofficially join by following me on Facebook ( and Twitter (@GeorgeLakoff) for regular thoughts and updates.

The basic idea is this: It is free and open to all. We will provide framing suggestions regularly over social media, and whoever receives them can decide how to use them, and whether to share them or retweet them.  The process is bottom up.

We also offer this framing service to activist organizations, media folks, and elected officials and their staffs.

See below for a list of materials to watch, listen to or read.  Click on the description to open them.

First Priority

Watch the Tavis Smiley interview with George

Watch the Second Tavis Smiley interview with George

Read the “Minority President” Article

Read “The President is the Nation:  The Central Metaphor Trump Lives By  

Read “Regulations are Protections

Read “10 Points For Democratic Activists

Read “Two Questions about Trump and Republicans”

See a Taxonomy of Trump’s Strategic Tweets

Read the Berkeleyside Article about underestimating Trump

Understanding Trump’s use of language

Understanding Trump’s name


Next Priority:  Whatever interests you most from the following

Watch George’s interview at The Commonwealth Club

Watch George talk about avoiding the oppositions language on MSNBC

Watch George explain how to effectively fact check Trump on CNN 

Read the  wideranging Salon interview   

Listen to George on NPR’s On the Media discussing “tax reform   

Listen to George explain the taxonomy of Trump’s Tweets  

Read the blog piece on what NOT to do  


Then turn to the following materials.

On Fake News

Protect the Truth

On Trump’s Wiretap Distraction

On The Women’s Marches and the Politics of Care

The BBC Interview on New Nasty Words

Listen to George on Marketplace’s “Make Me Smart” Podcast

 Read the full conversation with George Lakoff on “your brain on Trump” on “Make Me Smart”

 Why March for Science?

 Watch – Indivisible: Reaching Out to Trump Voters: An Evening with George Lakoff & Arlie Hochschild 

Listen – George Lakoff – “Don’t Think of an Elephant” on the Ralph Nader Radio hour on KPFA

 Watch – George Lakoff: “The Present Political Divide: What To Do Now “

 Read: Disaster Branding: The Importance of Naming


Best wishes,

George and Gil